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Tailoring lessons to your needs, I cover everything from the basics to refining
professional skills. Whether you're starting anew, brushing up on old skills, or
delving into improvisation, sight-reading, and ear-training, we've got you
covered. From mastering techniques to playing by ear, understanding chords,
voicings, modes, and the circle of fifths, I'll guide you through the musical
landscape. As a pianist, singer, and songwriter, I bring a unique perspective to help you excel in various genres – classical, jazz, pop, theater, rock, and
beyond. Let's dive into the musical world together.

About Me

I’ve helped pianists of all ages achieve the realization that “Omigosh, I know what I’m doing, and I can play it!” Over and over I’ve seen my students get control of their hands and their ears and make music. Many students have told me that our lessons are the high point of their week. Yes, we work at it, but the end product is pure joy. Remember, it’s called “playing” the piano.

My unique position as a piano/musicality teacher comes from decades of being a
pianist, a singer, a composer, a music-director, and a music educator. Not only have I probably “seen” what you need to learn and how to learn it, but I am as curious and dedicated as ever to learn and be a better musician myself. With me you’ll have a teacher who will try to teach you everything he knows, but who at the same time is always working to improve his own knowledge and skills.

I’m ready to help you to develop your playing technique, improve your sight-reading, train your ear to know what you’re hearing and play by ear, and I love opening my students up to the world of improvisation. Playing jazz is a fantastic, multi-dimensional thrill ride. And don’t forget: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin were renowned for their improvisatory skills. I can also teach you to play pop songs. You usually won’t need sheet music for this, because we’re going to come up with better ways of playing those songs.

Jonathan playing the piano
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