Below is the overture to my musical, "Space Vacation".
"Space Vacation" is the sci-fi musical for the whole family.
I have completed recording the instruments for all 20 songs in the musical score on Logic Pro, (all digital instruments played and orchestrated by myself.)
I haven't recorded the vocals yet. I am in the process of casting voices.
Until then, here is the overture, to give you an idea of some of the tunes, and the fun energy of the show.
Please listen on headphones. I'll be glad you did. And I hope you will be too.

"Space Vacation", the sci-fi musical for the whole family.Book, lyrics and music by Jonathan L. Segal.

Blast-off with Space Vacation!
A high-energy, fun musical about a family from another planet on summer vacation all over the universe.

Click to hear the overture.
(Use headphones for best sound!)

Overture total time 5:53

:00 We're On The Road To A Cosmic Adventure

:50 The Universe Is like A Song

1:31 Sing A Song Of Shopping

2:13 This Boy Is So Smart

3:48 Everything Seems To Be Well

4:47 When Your Father And I First Met

If you know theatrical producers, or people at Pixar, Disney, Netflix, etc., my hope is to get Space Vacation on to the stage live, and onto the screen, animated or live action.

Space Vacation- book, lyrics and music by Jonathan L. Segal copyright 2021