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"I am currently a freshman vocal major at Laguardia High School, and thanks to Jonathan, I feel I have a lot to contribute to the school. The great thing about my joint piano and vocal lessons with Jonathan, is that he doesn’t force any technique or style of music. He tailors my lessons to what I want to work on, which, for me, can then translate into my ability to perform at school. He is a skilled arranger and can mold a song to fit my level of playing so that I can accompany myself or my peers. Most importantly, the lessons are a blast! He is super encouraging and his sense of humor make it so much fun to work with him."

Emma F.


"Working with Jonathan is amazing. He is really supportive and encouraging in every session, and helps me focus on the positive.  He challenges me to stretch my abilities, but also goes above and beyond himself by researching the pieces I am working on so he can really help me to be a better singer and performer.  Auditioning in New York can be so stressful--it's great to have Jonathan's talent and support so I can be really prepared!"

Kate C.

"Jonathan was my childhood music teacher at my elementary school. 15 years later when I started performing in a band and needed to improve my vocal performance skills, he was my first call. Firstly, it definitely helps having a teacher who has such an understanding of the piano and music theory and the ability to play almost any song by ear in any key when practicing singing. And Jonathan can do that and much more. Jonathan helped me with amazing vocal techniques to warm up before singing and showed me I had a 3 octave range. But most significantly, we were finding that sometimes when I sang full songs I just wasn’t hitting that “it” sound. Jonathan showed me an amazing technique with how I was standing and how I was opening my mouth to really change up my singing and overall performance sound. I went from being completely unconfident to being able to make the exact tones and attitudes that I wanted. He will work with your goals and help you achieve just that. He’s a riot to work with and I am thrilled to consider him a musical mentor and friend."
Eli K.

"I’ve been working with Jonathan for around 7 months now, and I can't tell you how much I've grown as a musician and artist as a result of our sessions. His instruction and guidance is top notch, and as inexhaustible as his bag of quips. We’ve spent our time alternating between keyboard and vocal work, and in each arena Jonathan offers an impressive level of both personalized focus and astute insight. As deft with Blues fundamentals as Jazz standards, Rat Pack ballads as Bedroom Pop anthems, and conceptual explanations as subtle cues to fine tune an exercise, Jonathan is a truly excellent teacher. If you’re on the hunt for help on your musical journey you need look no further!"

Liam K.


"Jonathan Segal has a remarkable capacity to elicit every persons' unique voice. I have seen (and heard) him work with teen singers for seven years. Some of those kids start with exceptional talent, and Jonathan locates the essence of their sound and strengthens it. Some of them don't think they can sing at all, and Jonathan helps them discover the joy of their own voices. In every case, Jonathan's exceptional skill, musicianship, patience, humor, encyclopedic knowledge of musical genres and sensitivity to the nuances of song impel his students not only to success, but to joy in the experience of singing freely. Two of my own children have worked with him and they've both grown tremendously as singers and performers. I have known (and endured) many a vocal coach; Jonathan is by far the best I've ever met."

Nina J.


"I am a Drama graduate of LaGuardia HS and recently finished my studies at The Neighborhood Playhouse. I first met Jonathan as a musical director and subsequently now work with him as my vocal coach. He is an amazing accompanist and an amazing coach. He gets me ready for all of my auditions."

Cara F.


"Just finished my first SKYPE voice lesson with Jonathan Segal! What a master! Not only do I have the gift of music back in my life, but also a renewed connection with one of the true musical geniuses in NYC. Jonathan has such an incredible and diverse knowledge of music, he's so super funny and encouraging - and I feel like a got a months work done in just an hour! I didn't want it to end!"

Paige S.


"Jonathan Segal and I went to the HS of Music and Art together 'back in the day.' We remet at one of our reunions. I had toyed with singing jazz in recent years, totally unschooled. I asked him if he would teach me. I've been traveling to him from Brooklyn for lessons for a good part of this year. Our 'sessions' inspire me, keep me smiling. I don't practice much but, still, I am getting better as a singer and my dormant 'musicianship' is returning. He brings his musicality, marvelous skill and talent as a pianist, singer and musician to each lesson. Jonathan has a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of music and music theory, and, moreso, his teaching style is both encouraging and fun. He invites me to take musical chances, and each hour is infused with his great sense of humor. I feel so fortunate to have him as my teacher and recommend him highly."

Marcy T.


"Jonathan is a superb voice teacher. His musicality, ability to work

with pieces from many different genres, and his enthusiasm are all

greatly appreciated."

Stephanie D."

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